Thursday, 1 August 2013


After a prolonged journey of dreams and hard work, just to achieve that one thing, I know that my steps towards success are real, awaiting and yet to come. We all have some dreams, termed as goals- our one main focus and then when we achieve it, our happiness is beyond rivers, seas, oceans, bursting out from a volcano and reaching up the top most layers. 

It was grade six, when I first got to know about this program- THE YES SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM. I was going through our school’s chronicle and there I found a letter, written by Hira Pirani, one of the YES and AKSIAN alumni. That one letter inspired me, as I was completely fond by the Disney channel at that time. America became my dream land. As I grew up, my goal was the same but the reasons started to multiply. I wanted to earn something on my own- to make my family and nation proud. I always remember, teachers asking the same question over and over again, ‘What do you want to do for your country?’ and then we, the students used to reply, ‘I will become the president, when I grow up’ or ‘I will become a doctor and help the poor people, when I grow up’ or ‘I will be a social worker and help the needy, when I grow up’. The one thing we find common over here is WHEN I GROW UP, something vague, and something, that we have no assurance of. I wanted to start doing things for my nation from this point only and this program seemed like the best opportunity I could avail. There were multiples of other reasons too, which includes: being a part of cultural diversity, building bridges between east and west, comparing a life in two very different parts of the world and much more.

I still remember, going through the same letter over and over again, communicating with various YES alumni, practicing English tests and praying to God for this one achievement. YES for the YES, which I achieved. Being a part of an amazing opportunity and a beautiful YES family. Thank you Allah is all that I could say.

You know what is the best part of achieving something?  It doesn’t restrict you to one thing; it opens up to a range of new opportunities. Being an ambassador is surely not one of the easiest jobs, but to be really honest it’s a very big RESPONSIBILITY. The moment I am going to enter USA, I will start depicting my country, my society, my culture and my living

Here is the moment, when I welcome all the challenges with optimism and confidence. 

When I welcome all the new people with a great smile and lots of love.

When I welcome an exciting new year to be MADE not BREAK.

Few days to go and we are going to be there. Let’s have a sigh of relief and a great believe that we are going to DO IT. We are going to MAKE IT and we are going to LOVE IT. A lot of love and good luck to my fellows. Let’s take Allah's name and welcome an exciting year. Cheers.

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