Saturday, 26 July 2014

My Twin is Finally At'thaara.

I have written thousand words for you, every time a new memory, a new reason to be thankful for having you in my life. Sadaf, to all those good times and your importance in my life these are 

50+1 Things I love about YOU.
1.      A beautiful creature, inside and out.
2.      We have the same story, and we know how to be proud about it.
3.      You know how to face challenges. I learnt this from you.
4.       Prettiest smile.
5.       You are my cousin from two relations.
6.       I remember the night I cried in California, just for you. I was mad; I don’t ever want you to keep secrets from me. But, now, I understand your part of deal. I still Love you.
7.       Surrounded by a big brother all the time, you gave me the sisterly affection. Thanks for spoiling my ass.
8.       We can fool anyone by switching names; Twin or Nah?
9.       You talk a lot and I listen nothing, I hate when you do the same. But,  you actually listen and give the best suggestions ever.
10.   You know all my YES friends, but you always confuse them together. I love how you always are, ‘oh so Khattak and Janjuiee are two different people’ or ‘I gotta skype your friends’ or ‘Mahrosh, Peshawar wale?’  I don’t blame you, I talk to fast.
11.    Remember when we were younger, and I used to cry about, Fareeha, Hira, and you teaming up against me; I still never hated you and told people that you are my best cousin.
12.   When you joined my school, teachers used to hate me, thinking I am Sadaf 2.0. They were not wrong.
13.   All our inside jokes/talks, those others will never understand.
14.   Speaking ‘F’ language, because people understand Sign Language, nowadays. It’s very important to judge every one, whenever we are together. :D
15.   You missed school, the day I was leaving for America. You are very much WELCOME.
16.   All those plans to walk every day, eat less, and do ZUMBA.
17.   We NEVER followed any of those plans.
18.   Now that I have gained more weight, Thanks for sharing all your clothes.
19.   Dang, how can I forget the night stays? My only source for…. (You Know What)
20.   You can COOOOOOK! Man, I will marry food, one day.
21.   Annoying you by using my phones and sharing inside YES jokes, which you will never understand.
22.   You still manage to laugh, after telling me not to talk about YES anymore. I love you for that.
23.   It is beautiful outside and I chose to write about YOU.
24.   26th of July: I will have my kid that day… Just saying.
25.    I can share my good days/bad days with you, just to remind, how blessed I am.
26.   I still love your clothes/tshirts over mine. Got my eyes on them <3
27.   When things are not fair, you are the only one I can complain to. Not that, you make everything better; such a loser.
28.   We trust each other, blindfold. I know you will tell me when things are not working out; I do the same.
29.   People need to know, you are TWO years older than me, apparently deserved to be called, Sadaf Apa.
30.   I am writing all this for you.
31.   We share all our friends, or they just become mutual. God, dang, they love us both.
32.   It’s not people think you look younger. We both look 21. Period.
33.   I envy how I can’t look gorgeous without glasses, while you manage to look the best, both ways.
34.   All those times, I tell you, I think that guy is HOT, and you are like, ‘you can easily get him’.
35.   Haw, boosting my confidence since 1998.
36.   We are never wrong. Thanks for seeing the other side of stories, where I am always right.
37.   You are going to University next year, to be my personal nurse. How can I not love you for that?
38.   It is hard for you to read a book with full attention. TFioS was another case. Mutual interests.
39.   You are probably, not wanting to read the rest of the list. Figuring it too much reading and bore.
40.   When I die…
41.   You still go ahead and read it, because you love ME, more than I do myself.
42.    You are going to be my maid of honor. I will be your kid’s nanny.
43.   I die; you will be the strongest one among the crowd.
44.   Remember Dakku Daddy? We gotta love our brothers.
45.   You stalk me. At least once every day. Thank you, I need some stalkers in my life.
46.   I will fight with the world for you, and still be a pain in your ass.
48.   I can curse you out, slap you on your face and be the typical me. WHILE YOU STAY NICE. I wish.
49.   Thanks for giving me a shoulder to cry on, hugs that I always need, and talks that works like medicine.
50.   Last statement was indeed, much of a buttering, telling you I deserve a big TREAT. Okay?
51.   Life is fair. I got you in it.