Tuesday, 30 September 2014


Recently, I participated in shooTED, a photography competition arranged by TEDxKarachi and judged by Khaula Jamil, Founder of Humans of Karachi.

I made it to the top ten winners of shooTED and my picture got posted on the Human of Karachi's page. I would love if you all can visit, read, like and share the picture/story.


This is what I shared about my beautiful mother:

"Rise Above" For me, these two words means to step ahead from the boundaries and
limitations your life brings in front of you. Rise Above, has been the
motto my mom has always taught me. My mom, the lady in my picture.

Growing up under deaf and mute parents, I have experienced a different way
of living; a more positive and unique upbringing. Pictured lady, is my
mom. She is one of the four daughters my grandmother gave birth to, who
are deaf and mute. My mom has been an inspiration in my life. Ignoring the
fact, that she did not have two of her senses, she became a part of this
competitive world, without any hesitation. She is educated, got her
computer skills degree and Mashallah, has a prestigious job at a bank. My
mother has taught my brother and I, to never step back from competition,
because they always turn out to be a moral in your life. She taught us to
face our weaknesses, to understand how to make it power.

She is the secretary of The Deaf and Mute Organization of our community.
She is a role model for so many young deaf and mute people, who at times
don't realize how precious they are to this world. In the following
picture, she is welcoming all the deaf and mute people of our organization
to our recent 14th August celebration. My brother and I were part of the
managing team, because that's what my mom pushes us forward for. To not
only restrict our help/teaching to our parents but benefit other deaf and
mute people of our society.

Nothing is more valuable to my mom than those precious lives and their
betterment. To give them an opportunity to 'step out of restrictions and
RISE ABOVE'. And I wish to carry out this work.

No matter what God has blessed you with, if used positively in your own
favor, can turn out to be the best blessing/talent, a life to be