Thursday, 1 August 2013

‘BE ASHAMED- So not a volunteer’

Community service has always been an integral part of my living. I get this internal happiness, *indescribable* thing after performing it. For me, money can’t replace the happiness achieved from one’s prayers- Enough said.

I have been to different NGOs, organizations and have always achieved the sensation of love, service, affection and care. I doubt the fact of achieving it after going to DARUL SUKOON, a.k.a  DATEUL SUKOON-  the name itself drops down the level of respect and dignity *shame*

This blog is dedicated to all those who have been to darul sukoon or are going there without any meaningful reason, except for proving themselves as burgers/mailas/famous/cheap. These reasons don’t even worth a damn. Apologies to the ones who actually go there for helping those differently able people out - I respect you guys. This might get highly sarcastic or even deserve a weird confession, but who cares. All I want is a good, new, respectful beginning and a sense of realization.
(NOTE: DUS is short form for DARUL SUKOON)

It all begins like this, my very first experience at DUS. Ignoring all the unbearable comments about Darul, I still believed that I could actually have fun over there, helping those kids out. I actually promised my friends, this one thing and with this, I went there. (committing the biggest mistake- I confess) 

It was 9:00am, the exact time for volunteers to come. One of my friends hurriedly said: ‘Go, grab a chair or we won’t have anything to sit at then’. I was shocked. Ignoring her comment, I just looked at my surrounding, all those faces of differently able people- I felt blessed. I went to few of them, had a great chat. Everything was amazing and I said to my friends, ‘are you guys crazy? This is AMAZING. What is so bad about DUS after all?’ All they could manage to say was ‘wait and watch.’- Weird people.

I saw a disabled girl, nearly about my age and she kept on singing this one song ‘ oh laal patein wale tera naam tou bata’. Yes, we had this red colour string supporting our ID CARDS. Anyways, this was cute. I decided to go to her for a little chat but I was late. I went to another girl sitting on the bench and waved ‘HIIII’, to my surprise the voice echoed. Oh no, it wasn’t an echo but the voice of two cheap boys who I believe, decided to ‘PULL MY LEG’. Poor fellows, they didn’t know my ‘I DON’T CARE’ attitude.

This is it, the beginning of awkwardness everywhere. People with DSLR, disco type dresses, love buds, burgers, mailas, munnis, shelaas EVERYWHEREEE! I mean it. The amount of volunteers was much more than the amount of disabled people. I can bet one thing, you will find one couple on every other room of DUS. It’s not like the management don’t care about it or something, they are caring and providing an opportunity to you- to serve. Sadly, our citizens don’t know how to make a good use of it. When you go there, no wonder you are proud to see so many teenagers coming up to SERVE, but after knowing their real reasons, hand palm is what you want to dedicate. 

One hour left in twelve, I didn’t know how to spend this one hour effectively. I asked my friend to join me in playing games with the differently able kids, and this is how she responded, ‘Are you insane? I don’t want my name to be up for confessions’. BINGO, this is how I got to know about this DISRESPECTFUL PAGE. ‘Confession pages are church and the page owner is the father’- completely agreed. After confession pages of all the schools, and hangout places, I was amazed to know about DARUL SUKOON’s TIPS AND CONFESSIONS. Nothing can be more shameful than this. An honorable place serving differently able people, who deserve our care, respect and time- this is not how you FULFILL this commitment. No way.

I remember a group of boys, chasing a disabled boy and asking him to go to people and say nasty stuff, I mean seriously. At few points, I feel ashamed to call them normal/blessed/not disabled/HUMAN. Their inhumanity proves their over KEWLNESS and family belonging. If this is what you all call FUN, or go to DUS for, I am sorry. Your meaningless certificate will allow you to ace this world but after life you will be sorry and ashamed of your deeds- silent message.

I saw many, who confessed that we are here for the ‘CERTIFICATE’, because for them, that is the only thing that matters. Let me tell you one thing, most of the highly reputed school don’t even prefer DUS certificate anymore. If you think it’s easy enough to fool them with a certificate, you are wrong. I was the one who made one of my friend’s certificates. I wonder if that’s how you describe ‘I used my summers effectively’ thing.

I will get killed for generalizing everything but to be very honest, people when you get an idea to serve, it’s worth your time and deed. Use it goodly. Don’t spoil the name of an organization who works for the betterment of Disabled-differently able people. Take a minute break and think. Try to realize the importance of that place and our impact on children over there. Try to realize that the time you spent over there, was that even worth? Was your mission of HELPING THEM OUT or BEING A GOOD TEENAGER or FEELING FOR THE NEEDY, successful? When you will share your ‘being burger at DUS stories to people, they will hate you. FOR SURE. If you are going there for an hour or even less than that, give your full input in it. What goes around comes around. Let’s wake our inner self up, let’s work to get that internal peace and happiness.

‘I WASTED MY THREE HOURS OVER THERE’, I can say this without any shame, because lying to myself, for something that I didn’t do-this is a SHAME. Think about it, share this to your friends, and wake your sense of realization up. A certificate is of no worth until you worked hard to achieve it. That’s all I have to say.



  1. This is really good post. Its enough to aware the people are still planning to go to DUS for volunteering. Great one azimad !

  2. Thank you.
    I want this message to pass through out.
    Your support is loved.

  3. seriously i am *speechless* infront of your all this new experiences :)


  4. Really appreciated (y)
    Proud of you.:*

  5. Thanks guys <3
    Spread this message/idea for the betterment :)

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  7. Hmmm....Heads off (y)
    Keep it up :)