Thursday, 15 August 2013


The word which was mostly rare, or I could say, ‘mostly meaningless’ for me. More like a one day mark to my friends; promising to meet up again tomorrow- is it the same now? Indeed questionable. I have spent fifteen beautiful years with my loved ones. Living with them and adding up new members in my life. Subtracting someone was equals to NIL.  This year, 2013 is different, very different. I keep on weeping, writing this down. First said goodbye to my school, to my mates with whom 10years just passed away, without knowing the pain and the fact that, life is impossible without them. Goodbye to the wonderful PDO and to the nationwide friends it gave to me. A very lot goodbye coming up soon, leaving me speechless and ‘down’. One said ‘A lot of goodbyes bring forward a lot of hellos’. A lot of promises to keep in touch; this gives meaning to this word. It now stand the first in my mind’s dictionary, it does.

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